The Story About Me

I always hate this; the beginning. Like everything depends on that one word, that will drive you to read on –I hope that word is in this sentence. So let’s just start at the beginning. On the 29th of June, 1999, Imre Korpadi joined this unicornless world. This makes me fifteen years old –and still, I haven’t seen an unicorn.
When I opened my eyes, The Netherlands was the first country I saw, and still, I’m in that country. Not because I never got away, I’ve seen a lot of places and cultures, but because I’m forced to go to school –and I know I should be thankful for that. Which brings me to school, the thing that probably takes most of my precious time away. I study VWO –what only Dutch people will understand- which is compatible to A-levels.
But besides school, there are a lot of things that steal my time –or fill it. Things like writing, my passion, and reading, my addiction, and drawing, my admiration, and photography, my interest, and films, my relaxing, and last but not least baking, my homework avoiding.
I want to capture everything. Make a memory touchable. So with everything I do, I leave a mark in a notebook, a scrapbook, the photo album in my iPhone… I have no limits in my dreams and ideas, nor in my mind. (-the fault in our stars) My thoughts are stars I fathom into constellations.

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